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SSP / IMX378 - Debian Stretch by deepeeess


I am unable to use stillsample to capture an image using an IMX378 in Debian Stretch. I have Hexavision 0.92 and libssp 1.30 installed. My OS is fully patched (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y)

I know the hardware configuration is good because I can successfully capture images using an SD card with Debian Jessie installed. What I observe using Stretch is that the stillsample binary hangs while trying to "Write i2c: reg:0100 val:01” after “start streaming”.

The full output can be seen here:

Also, here is the strace of the same command:

And the output of i2cdetect:

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you,


Re: by deepeeess

I am also wondering if the lower right hand cell should be a check mark or an N/A
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Re: by deepeeess


I can confirm the following procedure will allow for the installation of SSP on Debian Stretch:

1. Start with the 04-18 version of Raspbian.
2. Before updating the system, lock the version of libraspberrypi-dev with "sudo apt-mark hold libraspberrypi-dev”. It should be at version 1.20180417-1.
3. Install SSP 1.30 and Hexavision 0.92 based on
4. Run "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade” to fully patch system.

stillsample will work using this method (tested all the way to kernel 4.14.70-v7+ with the most recent updates available today, 9/22/2018).


Re: by tsuki-tsuki

Thank you for valuable information.