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Raspberry 4 problems and IMX378 support by Surrogate


I have integrated ssp v1.33 and hexavision libraries to our cross-toolchain build system and derived application code from highspeed.c. I'm using the latest raspbian lite image.

I'm currently getting the following warning:
Warning: SSP library needs raspi-gpio command.

I have included wiringPi library to the linked libraries and it is installed in the rootfs that we are using to build for raspberry. If if try through terminal I can access wiringPi through "gpio" command normally. Also the linker doesn't throw any errors, thus it does find the wiringPi library during linking.

1. Are there any specific boot/config.txt changes needed for Raspberry Pi 4 (for example using the same settings than for RPI 3)?
2. Can this warning be caused by any other failure in the ssp library such as unsupported sensor model?

WiringPi project was made close-source in the fall 2019, thus relying on it for the future might cause some issues.

I noticed that IMX378 sensor is not supported after ssp v1.30. Is this true and will there be support for this sensor in ssp in later versions of ssp? Can I use newer raspbian image with the version 1.30 library? My main interest is to use the sensor with Raspberry Pi 4 thus the interest.

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